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    Every Tuesday we post the winner at 9pm PST on our Facebook and Blog Page!

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    50% of the donations go to a local Whistler Charity and 50% of proceeds go you you!

Whistler Lotto

WhistlerLotto was founded in 2016 to help local charities in Whistler! We offer a weekly draw, tickets are $2. 50% goes to a Whistler Charity such as WAG or Zero Ceiling! 50% of proceeds go to a winner picked every Tuesday at 9pm! 

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Enter into this weeks lotto for a chance to win a $100 Whistler Blackcomb gift card! Tickets are $2 for 1 $1.5 each for 5 and $1 each for 15! Get your friend to buy a ticket and you get one free with our referral program! Every Tuesday at 9pm we pick a winner, this week is a gift card other weeks it's pure cash! All ticket proceeds go to Whistler Local Charities!

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Who Do You Donate To

We donate to either WAG or ZeroCeiling but we are open for suggestions! Send us an email at info@whistlerlotto.com with your suggestions!

Where Does The Money Go?

We donate 50% to either WAG or ZeroCeiling and proceeds from the other 50% go to a lucky winner!

What Are My Odds Of Winning?

The odds of winning are an average of 1/100 right now so pretty good! Buy your ticket(s) today!